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9.03 – MU Plus+ Podcast

Space news from Japan gets us excited as the technological advances make their way to the under garment industry. Ancient flood myths are also discussed, along with NDEs and their consequences, before we touch on the wacky world of mantra manifestations.

We close on a singularity chat that somehow morphs into a discussion on the strange subculture of “Tulpamancing”.

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  • Do you reckon Mrs. Moyo was actually using the Shreem Brzee mantra while tending to her husband’s ‘taters, because she wanted a little more spice in her sex life?

  • That sounds like some sexy deep fried voodoo.

  • Daniel Asli

    Well we Norwegian E.T`s dont want american greys showing up at our doorstep and recruit and mix our children for they`re Nevada desert/Las vegas cross-dressing nuns.
    So instead of blasting with a radiation gun we train em with snowballs.
    none the wiser.

  • nasterious

    Perhaps Shreem Brzee is the “open sesame” for the true love bra.