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9.04 MU Plus+ Podcast

Sleeping sickness and strange cases of hysteria make headlines this week along with emergency snow shamans in Russia.

The devious tricks of Canadian shamans then features before we head back into the Amazon to discover the thriving market for deadly spirit darts and phlegm armour. We finish with some Zen exorcisms and tales of time warps and misplaced mannequins.

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  • Going to dye my hair Blue now

    I love that we have this long standing inside joke between us the viewers and the guys at MU. “but who was phone?” hahaha its official.

  • Whoa whoa whoa! ‘Ang on a minute, here. You telling us you used to practice knife fighting when you were in high school, Ben??

  • danielle

    I absolutely loved this episode and am currently wasting a LOT of time reading that reddit thread.