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11.10 – MU Podcast


Author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake joins us this week for a wide ranging discussion on the nature of reality, the daemon, life after death and his own unique experiences.

We also feature the mysterious ‘Gateway Stone’, our worldwide addiction to Caffeine, and we discover exactly who you call when you want some pepperoni.

Anthony Peake

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  • John

    i desire my Coca Cola Quantum

  • Ry Don

    loved the interview!! I was pleased to hear someone talk about glutamate and then fell in love when Peake went into entanglement.

  • Miles O’Keef

    im glad to see modern man catching up with the ancients

  • Mark Withers

    I really loved and enjoyed the interview. One of my favorites. Thank you so much for putting this together.

  • Phil

    Anthony Peake’s talk totally reminds me of the film Run Lola Run.

  • hiddenplace

    I got to talk to Dr. Engelbert Winkler a couple years ago about his work, he mentioned they were hoping to do some studies to try to find out if the machine stimulates an endogenous release of DMT (though apparently this would be extremely difficult to measure). Sadly I didn’t get a chance to try the Lucia machine, but heard some pretty amazing stories from people who got to try it. Definitely hoping to get an opportunity to try the Lucia in the future… sounds pretty fascinating!

  • Cerberouse

    This guy is super-woo… When you call your opposition, “The guardians of rationality!” – you can kind cast yourselves as the arbiters of irrationality…