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11.15 – MU Podcast


With the impending rapture initiated by the first ‘Blood Moon’ we prepare our souls by talking about how lucky we are to have such juicy doom porn to discuss.

Space news and Google’s space elevator plans are also featured, along with a new documentary on psychedelics in medicine, and Greg Newkirk returns to the show to give us an update on the progress of ‘Planet Weird’.

Greg Newkirk


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  • Perhaps I was too ‘conspiratorial’ when I wrote that ‘Big Pharma’ drugs are meant to “numb us into complacency”; Aaron is quite right in that the business model in all these companies benefit from the patients’ getting hooked into their products for the treatment of their ailments, because in Western medicine it’s all about focusing on the symptom instead of the cause.

    But on the other hand, the ‘symptoms’ these prescribed medicines are supposed to treat are *not* really solved! they are merely ‘toned down’ into manageable levels. Anti-depressants are not designed to ‘make you happy,’ they are designed to help you ‘not feel sad’; they numb you out of the lows, but they ALSO numb you out of the highs. Whether the quality of life of the patient is actually increased or not is secondary, as long as he can go about his daily chores, attend classes or report to work on time, so he can keep earning enough money to buy those expensive prescription drugs.

    In the movie 7even, Morgan Freeman’s character gives a great monologue in which he explains how apathy can be perceived as the answer to modern life; “it’s easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life,” he says. Well, one could also argue that it’s easier to prescribe a patient Prozac, than it is to actually sit down with him & listen to his problems –which is the argument Dennis McKenna gives during one of the segments in Neurons to Nirvana.

    I’m not saying there’s a secret cabal who deliberately designed & released these medicines in order to turn us all into sedated zombies. What I’m saying is that our society operates like a self-serving organism in a very peculiar way; the way society seeks to preserve itself is by ensuring the machinery of consumerism keeps running as smoothly as possible, and when it does it’s acknowledged as proof of the system’s health –that’s why industrialized nations are so obsessed with GDP statistics.

    Like an amoeba which is not controlled by a central nervous system, our society instinctually reacts to things that are counter to its interests as a viral threat. That’s why the media is so willing to run stories about the dangers of psychedelic drugs without the need of coaching by a central directive; mainstream media runs on auto mode.

    Prozac helps you go to your crappy job 5 days a week for 8 hours without feeling miserable. Psychedelics help you realize that the reason you feel miserable is because you’re slaving yourself 5 days a week on a crappy job you hate, and that you’re doing it for reasons which are meaningless.

  • Adrian Palmer

    I am an ER nurse. We thought for sure the night of the blood moon, we’d have a crazy night. However, we had a relatively slow, easy night. I was convinced people would be extra special crazy that night. Nothing crazy or weird happened. I am somewhat deeply saddened by this.

    I talked to my dog at length about Reiki. He thinks this Lynette McMichael chick is bat-shit crazy. He prefers deep tissue.

  • chefjas

    You exclaim, “We are running put of space!” a common battle cry of the mainstream media and those who follow the tenants promulgated by the Roman Club and their ilk. All one needs to do to see this is completely absurd is take a short trip in a plane. All you see is wide open, unpopulated land with microscopic dots of populated cities. There is enough land to support 1,000 times our population. Of course by then, we will be creamed by an asteroid anyway!

  • azzwright

    Sorry mate but that comment is very ignorant. Sure, there is plenty of land for all 7 billion of us. It’s not about space for us it’s about the space to support us. Land is needed for agriculture, freshwater, ecosystems, the list goes on and on. There is plenty of space on the moon as well, doesn’t mean we can live there without resources. To reiterate, we are running out space.

  • Great shot, Hector!

  • jlikedisqus

    that’s assuming we continue consuming and developing in the same manner as we have. were we to adapt the manner in which we grow food and build cities (see Jacques Fresco), the issue of space would be moot. at least until that asteroid. or even greater population booms. or an inability to implement alternative energies. or…or…or. but, space? really shouldn’t be a problem.