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11.17 – MU Podcast


Dr. Barbara Sinor joins us this week to share the pact she made with her late husband before his passing. The promise was that whomever passed over first would return in any manner possible to make contact from the other side. Barbara received that contact in the form of channeling and The Pact: Messages from the Other Side is the result of the information that came through.

We also explore mediumship from Asia in this episode with a musical look at the esoteric practice of Len Dong in Vietnam.

Barbara Sinor



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  • Clifford Smith

    The bit about Afghan camel traders was correct – in fact, one of the trains which cross the desert is called the “Ghan” in honour of them.

  • So the Pleiadians are basically the Jehovah’s witnesses of the Universe?

    …Yeah, that actually makes sense!

    PS: On the other hand, I absolutely enjoyed Dr. Barbara Sinor’s interview. I too sense she sounds much more honest & sincere than 99.9% of so-called channelers out there. Hers might just be the 1st channeled book I get to buy 🙂

  • Forest Lake

    i don’t care who this lady thinks she is, she is deluded thinking it is her son talking to her… this is the first show EVER i have skipped forward so i didn’t have to listen to someone ! her “son” is learning because she is making it up as she goes !!!

  • azzwright

    Husband not son. But your opinion is still welcome 🙂

  • For me the value in the interview, and the subsequent segment about mediumship in Vietnam, was in highlighting the differences in how we approach this phenomenon in our culture: in Vietnam and other ‘primitive’ societies, it is a given that communication with discarnate entities is possible –yet that doesn’t mean there are strict rules to follow; whereas here in the West, either we think it’s all BS or schizophrenia-driven nonsense, or we swallow everything the channel transmits unquestioningly.

    Yes, channeled material should be taken with a huge grain of salt, but maybe there are a few valuable jewels of wisdom hidden behind all the New Age manure.

  • Steven Ferland

    Great interview the Soul being that’s mentioned seemed a lot like the Daemon, much like diferent name’s for the same thing.Also she say’s if she tried to contact him a week earlier reminded me of a documentary of remote viewing “what happens when you die” they clam there is a period of separation of memories and the soul. great food for thought keep up the fantastic work.

  • azzwright

    Fair enough. However I have to say I think your comments make you look very closed minded on this particular issue. You really should give her an opportunity to explain herself. Sure you’re welcome to say anything you want but at least know what your opinion is about. To carry on and shot it down then say you didn’t even listen to it makes you look very judgemental.

  • azzwright

    I’m so glad you get it RedPill. The point is that this truly is a mysterious universe. Even the stuff that is totally off the wall may have a grain of fact to it. If we don’t investigate and analyse it how will we ever know. It’s often a matter of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    I’m actually really surprised and disappointed with the attitudes of a minority of our listeners. For god sake, at least listen to it before you pass judgement. If after you listen to it and don’t agree well that’s great. At least then you have a reason to say you don’t agree.

  • James Astoria

    In my own defense, I did get about 3/4 of the way through the interview but couldn’t listen to her anymore. There was nothing that I was getting from listening to her except being pushed away from what have been a really great tale.

    It just strikes me as someone else trying to cash in on something that people believe and genuinely not knowing what she’s talking about then having that be a point given to her as some sort of validity.

    I’m willing to listen to and consider a whole host of out there stuff but this interview turned me off of her story, her book, and anything else she had to say. The discussion between Ben and Aaron after the interview was great and I actually feel like I learned something from that portion so there’s the silver lining for me.

  • azzwright

    Excellent comment James and greatly appreciated. At least you tried and considered the content. I totally respect that it didn’t gel with you. I’m still not sure where I stand but I was happy to investigate and give someone in that genera the opportunity to convince me.

  • Forest Lake

    once she start talking about her husband calling himself “we” instead of “i” and that we are made up of several souls or what ever was enough for me… everything she said was anecdotal and more likely her own psychological makeup helping her deal with grief than anything else… she was given names from her past lives but guaranteed i could make up 5 names, look for them on and find at least one of them !

  • rtccomposer

    Just spent a hilarious hour chasing down channeling videos on Youtube, inspired by the discussion. Has anyone else noticed that everyone Valerie Barrow channels sounds exactly the same? Oh, and they all and use similar colloquialisms – I count four “ancient spirits” who used the word “keen” to describe human’s desire to learn. Guess they’re all European and post 14th century. Of course, her little dance and Jazz hands when channeling archangel Mic for a talk on the BBC were pretty inspired. I’m with Ben, this stuff is cringe-worthy, but I hope they never stop – too damn funny.

  • azzwright

    Yep. Perfect comment. It’s valid because you actually listened to it and can provide a reason for your argument.

  • Scott

    I’m with Forest on this one. Absolute BS. I’m totally astounded you guys even considered interviewing her. I couldn’t listen to the whole interview either.

  • TrinityDe

    Love your podcasts. With regression, new studies showing genetic memory of fear sheds some light onto the reason why we can be “regressed” into memories from the past for me. Roll on next Thurs!