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11.22 – MU Podcast


The recent passing of legendary chemist Alexander Shulgin leads us into a discussion on MDMA and the many home-brewed chemical variants he created. 

We also cover the attempted stabbing of a 12 year old girl in the name of the fictional ‘Slenderman’ character, examine the evolution of the modern myth, and question its connection to occult potentiality and thought-forms.


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  • PopeDarren

    Hey guys! I LOVE the show. Wish you had a new one every day!

    Just listened to an episode where you talked about the correlation between people who eat cheese and those who die tangled in their bed sheets. Just want to let you know that any two data sets can have a correlation. Correlation is a very important tool in statistics; however, correlation does not imply “causation.” I think that is the word you were looking for when you were stating that the relationship is spurious.

    You’re right to point these things out. Good on you! Those who don’t care for mathematics take for granted the truthiness statistics can show us. (Medical tests come to mind.) As an example, I did a project looking at the relationship between the change in a state’s average annual income vs. the change in a state’s annual violent crime rate. It started out as a project to see if there was any correlation between income and crime rates, but I wanted to show they were negatively correlated (those who have a lower income are more likely to commit crimes), so I changed the parameters until the results showed what I wanted to show. I should point out that I, too, am poor. I’ve absolutely nothing against the monetarily challenged. I wanted to prove my point that I could make the data say whatever I wanted. And the manipulation of the data to say what I wanted was what I focused on in my presentation. I thought the prof was going to be angry, but he ended up loving it so much he increased my grade by a letter. How’s that for paranormal?

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” – Mark Twain … maybe

  • TJ

    You guys were talking about sleep, since about third grade, I was about 9, I couldn’t sleep at night and I prob didn’t get a computer in my room until the next year or so, but i would stay up and watch tv, draw or listen to the radio. I would go to school so exhausted, and i’ve been like that since, I’ve had jobs and I can always pull off doing them and making it on time, but I do feel wayyy out of it and I don’t feel like it’s fair to drive or interact with people, but if I have one day off I’ll go right back to staying up all night. I seem to function better that way and my thoughts are more active, and I actually seem to be less anxious at night than in the day. I even unfortunately miss out on some family time because I sleep in the day, and I also have a very hard time getting to sleep, but once I am, I’m out and i have to sleep at least 7 hours and I kinda hate it, I feel like I’m wasting time. Also, I don’t have netflix and I don’t spend a lot of time on my phone or comp (except for when I’m doing my hobby, music). I also get a weird anxiety at dusk.

    P.s. I’m like Aaron, I like writing stuff on paper, i enjoy it!

  • Cat Vincent

    Hi guys: First time listening (as a pal mentioned you said nice things about my Darklore Slenderman stuff) – love the show. Thought you raised a lot of good points about Slendy (though it was a bit weird to hear things I wrote read in someone else’s voice!) and your tribute to Sasha was lovely.

    You might be interested to hear I’ve got a feature article of Slenderman coming out in next month’s Fortean Times: one of the things I mention there is that I’ve found (after talking to an actual practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism) there’s a big difference between the original meaning and use of Tulpas and how David-Neel described it & has become used in the West. Of course, enough people use it in the newer way for it to have become a kind of tulpa in itself…

  • Mac Kennon

    Hey guys. Y’all are great. Felt compelled to share a tid bit with you after listening to this show. You may already by aware, but Kurt Vonnegut used the idea that an alien or alien culture could use suggestion to guide humanity towards ends that would satisfy their needs in the book “Sirens of Titan”….an alien crash lands on Earth millions of years ago and uses his crazy alien powers and the chrono-synclastic infundibulum to basically guide humanity to build giant works (i.e. pyramids, great wall, etc.) so that his alien brothers could find him and send him the part that he needs to repair his ship.

    Keep up the good work mates, or lads, or whatever you Aussie’s say to one another!