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  • Parker W Shultz

    Great show you guys it’s nice to see you getting back to the basics and by basics ..more monkeys more ufos.
    I really liked the monkey story and will look up the documentary you played as a clip.
    Thanks again for these great shows buds


  • Abban Dunne

    That’s no ordinary hum, someone is trying to produce the brown note!

  • Marina Chapman’s story was amazing. The part when the ‘grandpa monkey’ saved her life by making her puke in the water was particularly interesting; it makes you wonder about the level of consciousness in ‘inferior’ animals, and whether Marina managed to attain that level of ‘connectedness’ with the monkeys, only because she started to forget her own ‘humanness’.

  • deva

    Cell phone radiation linked to cancer:

    It’s an older story but I don’t think much has changed.

  • JahaRa

    The High Strangeness discussion was interesting. As for people leaving bars with strangers to go see something weird, I believe it happens more often than you would think. Drunks do a lot of stupid things. And if someone can figure out what your escape wish is they can lead you anywhere drunk or sober. Too many people looking for space brothers to save them have no or few critical thinking skills at all.

  • Francois Basilio

    I was amazed by the Monkey lady story and i agree with Red Pill on the bit where granpa monkey made her swallow dirty water to get her to puke. To me that shows a high level of intelligence and empathy. He knew she was suffering and reacted according. I have always wondered if animals have “souls” this makes me think that they do, even if its not the same as ours but i think they have something similar. Anyway great show keep it up guys. on your week off Ben, What games will you be playing ?? im on PS4 and XBone my gamer tags for both are : elisdee1. I run a 300 member guild and was going to promote MU through it (FFXIV) if you would like that give us some feedback!!