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13.16 – MU Podcast


Itzhak Beery joins us to discuss The Gift of Shamanism, his new book on visionary power, ayahuasca dreams, and journeys to other realms. 

We also feature news from last weekend’s habituation conference in Washington, 100 years of interdimensional contact, and Aaron’s first-world time keeping problems.

Itzhak Beery



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  • Squidpuppy

    Has anyone ever floated the idea that some, if not all of this stuff is us – as in we humans – being dorked with; being jerked around for lulz? I mean, who knows what kinds of jollies pan-dimensional quantum effervescent entities might get out of prodding the semi-evolved ape-people?

    I for one, went to extreme measures to prank my younger siblings, and the antics I got up to later in life – just plain stupid absurd. So why wouldn’t the frat boys of Zeta Reticulae light down for some human-tipping hoots? The more advanced a civilization becomes, the more involved its entertainments, no?

    Okay, so maybe that’s silly, but it sure conjures up an image…

  • Lygeia

    I wonder if the woman who had obssessive day-dreaming where she had hour-long episodes where she imagined life in a hospital with a whole host of characters, simply watched too much television.