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14.13 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We start with cases of alleged pre-birth psychic communication, pre-conception visions, and voices from future lives.

Ivan Stevenson’s work is then featured as we look at more cases of Children that remember past lives and the scars they bear from their previous demise.

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  • JahaRa

    That was a fun episode. I enjoyed all the reincarnation stories and the stories of people getting communication from their future children. I know both of my grandmothers had such a hard time as a woman they will definitely be back as men. I think my 5 year old grandson was my mother’s mother because of the things he loves and fears. He asked me when he was three if I remembered when he was big and I was little. I told him I remember when I was little, what do you remember about me? But he didn’t answer.