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16.14 – MU Podcast


New evidence of ancient trade and cultural exchange across Europe and Asia leads us into incredulous tales of underground cities and lost civilisations.

We then examine Linda Godfrey’s latest on Doglike humanoid sightings and the high strangeness that follows them before revealing the Gobi desert’s UFO hotspots and China’s “Area 51”.


  • Falling Water – Premieres Thursday, October 13th at 10, 9 central, only on USA Network.
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  • Cosmic Questions

    About the whole dog making eye contact thing yeah we produce oxytocin but i dont think that has anything to do with why the dog is looking at you. Its great to analyze cause and effect but i think that is more of an effect of how YOU feel and the dog is just making eye contact. My dog and i make eye contact all the time. He may be bored, interested in what im doing, hungry, or whatever but to do it because of the chemical smell i think not. More like its a dog and we can only communicate in so many ways. Eye contact is really the best way to communicate with a human sense we are a face oriented species. A lot of animal behavior is way over analyzed and we make them out to be more like chemical machines rather than observant beings with intent. Just my 2 cents on the matter.


    Good stuff as usual lads. Loved the podcast with Anthony Peake by the way. He is a local lad in these parts that has done some boss work. He knows Tessa Dick but never knew Phil sadly. Keep it up lads. Dogspeed. Woof woof. 😉 I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright nowoooooooooo!!! Auooooooooo! 😉 M.U. f&*$£^g rocks!! Nice one.