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15.01 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We return for another year of podcasts with a wrap up of the greatest tech from CES after sharing our recent holiday adventures. 

We then feature an obscure case from New Zealand where two UFO researchers document the blatant warnings they receive from a mysterious alien intelligence.

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  • JahaRa

    I think you can quit giving us “news” from the Guardian. It is just a waste of time and silliness that isn’t funny. (you said to let you know what we think, that is my thought).

  • MU

    While your comment is appreciated I just love your instant negativity. There was no “Hey guys, love this section or that” No. It was just “I don’t like thing, and I’m going to make my opinion heard!” It was a joke that lasted 1 minute. I am so sorry that the other 90 or so weren’t good enough to cancel it out.