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15.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

New MIB encounters in Japan raise some eyebrows early on in the show before we revisit the tales of Telos and Mount Shasta.

We retrace the history of the mountain’s blonde “aryans” and discover their connection to a 19th century teen novel and modern day abduction tales.

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  • Brent Swancer

    Since I actually can’t seem to listen to it and it concerns some of my own articles here, I am sort of curious as to what is meant by the accounts “raised a few eyebrows.”

  • Jeremy Hodges

    I grew up in Mount Shasta, CA for 36 years…It’s not very amazing. I mean it IS a beautiful area, but its quite normal. While I haven’t climbed it, my Dad did. But I have been all over the mountain. There are some weird people around, that’s for sure.