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17.07 – MU Podcast


Bikini clad spectres and tree hopping humanoids sets the tone of weirdness for this episode as we eventually wind up deciphering occult symbology in our nation’s capital. 

We then peel back the layers of the world’s “Holy Madmen” and find a dangerous line walked between saintliness and depravity.


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  • Ethan E-Fun Abra

    My partner n I are driving into Canberra from our hometown Cooma as we’re listening to this, love ya work guys.
    Ps. It’s season 17 Ben 🤔, please don’t cancel my plus 😅

  • Pentti Hirvonen

    Limestone is not quartz. Limestone is chalk.
    Quartz is not a superconductor.
    I wonder if the rest of his information is as mistaken.

  • reddirtreport

    As a great-great nephew of Walter Burley Griffin, I can say you are on the right path, gentlemen. – Andrew W. Griffin, OKC, USA.

  • KT

    lol, you ended on AIDs