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17.05 – MU Podcast


This week we discover one of history’s strangest cases of communication through time with the mystery of the 1985 Dodleston messages.

The case is a mind bending combination of time travel and occult high strangeness as a couple in an English cottage seemingly make contact with an individual from the 16th century. The correspondence eventually draws the interest of investigators and the anger of a powerful group of mysterious entities.



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  • West

    Sounds like Rick stepped out through the portal on wall haha 😀

  • Katy Nietes

    Didn’t time traveler John Titor go to 1985 to grab a particular computer? Not sure of exact time but it’s all so wierd!


    Great stuff lads. I loved this one.

  • John Titor? But they aren’t using an IBM 5100

  • Meryl Pataky

    Loved this one!!!! Running errands and just sat in my parked car to hear more! So wild!!!!!!

  • rachel anne kitter

    fascinating time travel story. i was hanging on every word! some of the most compelling stuff you’ve ever had on the show. i have to pause the podcast to digest it all now 🙂
    oh also, this morning i watched “the curse of the man who sees UFOs” on netflix- i recommend it to all MU enthusiasts.

  • TheOceanSpeaks

    Mind blown. I have such a headache from trying to understand all the information. It’s interesting now that there are other forces beyond our galaxy or reality that are preventing us from exploring the universe.

  • fatfrak

    such a cool story. such a good episode. this is exactly why I love MU!

  • Clifford Smith

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a copy of this book that doesn’t cost hundreds of dollars I would appreciate it muchly!!

  • TheyCallMeNobody

    More like this please!!! Great story with many great overarching elements & observations. This kind of stuff is where MU shines. Been listening since year 1.

  • Kita

    Such a great episode.

  • a ross

    Didn’t that school wonder where their computer went? This could have been the very best story you’ve EVER told.

  • Ross Condit

    I hope Ken Webster looked for Thomas’ book behind the brickwork!

  • Carl Burleigh

    Only problem with this episode is that in 1547 the language being spoken and in which Lukas was communicating was Early Modern English. Old English, which is quite literally nearly an entirely different language (think EME is elusive – try reading OE), hadn’t been spoken for hundreds of years by this time.

    I am being snarky if accurate. Loved the show. Incredible episode.

  • Syd Meconse

    After listening to this story I googled 2109 and found this cool science fiction story –

  • hiddenplace

    Great story! Have you guys seen the Netflix show Travelers? I wonder if the writers read this book, it has a very similar concept about time traveling

  • adotnon

    This is one of the most fantastic historical mysteries I’ve heard of in a long time. I’m genuinely baffled at how this came to be – if a hoax, it’s a FANTASTIC one, if not…well, that’s more interesting too. Thanks so much for presenting this!

  • Cam

    I wouldn’t rest until I found that book…Such an amazing story 10/10

  • shazam

    I’m pretty new to the podcast, but I was absolutely gripped by this episode. After doing some brief Internet research, I’m dying to know what became of Ken and Deb–where are they now? And what happened to the main players doing all of that ITC research in the 80s and 90s–wonder what those who haven’t died are up to now, and if they are still being contacted. I’d love to know what they make of these times beyond the veil…

  • Violet

    It made me think about Travelers, too. I binged it over New Year’s when I had the flu and it was great!