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17.06 – MU Podcast


Award winning Australian author Kate Grenville joins us in the studio this week to discuss her new book The Case Against Fragrance and the potential dangers of artificial scent. 

Prompted by her own adverse reaction to the artificial fragrances around us, Grenville’s research reveals the power of the fragrance industry and the greater impact of chemicals in our environment.


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Kate Grenville


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  • jeff boshnyak

    Recently, while reading T’ai Chi Ch’uan & Meditation by Da Liu I noticed the voice in my head had an Asian accent. I didn’t think much of it… it was written by an Asian. I set the book down and closed my eyes to work on some of the meditation techniques mentioned in the book. In my mind I could still hear his voice guiding me thru the techniques. I didn’t think anything of it either. Just continued to breathe and focus. Then a woman appeared to me in a ‘pocket ‘ of my mind. She spoke words to me I can’t remember while ‘Da Liu’ kept talking about meditation. But when I asked her who she was, the voice from the book stopped… And asked me who I was talking to.
    My eyes shot open and I decided my meditation work was done for a while.

  • Sentio

    Great interview. Have to have the hubs listen to it. Going to work on editing artificial scents out of the home…

  • Bobby Carroll

    too much acid

  • rachel thompson

    I just listened to this episode and had quite a few feelings. I studied fragrance product development in making fragrances and also scenting home products. Please understand that one major reason we use synthetics is because there is a greater allergy risk to naturals. A synthetic perfume note is pure, whereas as a natural ingredient contains several different molecules that make up that one natural note. You are most likely allergic to one synthetic ingredient that is commonly used in several different fragrances. Also note that the amount of “harmful” ingredients is used in such a tiny dose that it cannot harm you at all. This author is not a perfumer. She is a writer.

  • MU

    Hi Rachel,

    While you may be correct in saying that the harmful components are in such small doses that “probably” can’t harm you, the author did address this. As she points out the problem is the biological magnification and interaction between chemicals that one is exposed to from using multiple products. While a spray of CK1 probably won’t do much, the harmful chemicals will get into the surrounding environment and be magnified through a process of biological accumulation. You have failed to address the holistic view of what is going on here.

  • MU

    No. No we don’t. The frogs aren’t turning gay. It’s an issue with a species that is able to change it’s sex anyway being exposed to chemicals that predominately cause them to become female. The APA and thousands of peer reviewed studies confirm sexual orientation has nothing to do with gender. How about gaining even the smallest of scientific understanding before you start shooting your mouth off and showing what an ignorant fool you are.

  • Samantha Handy

    #preach MU! Loved this episode, laughed so much at the end I think I scared my co-workers.

  • Ian

    What about essential and natural oils? These continuously get pushed aside in the tirade on artificial products/fragrances.