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17.08 – MU Podcast


German author Norman Ohler joins us this week to discuss his ground breaking bestseller ‘Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany’.

Ohler’s research details the pervasive use of methamphetamines by the entire Third Reich and how Hitler’s private physician changed the course of the war with his injected cocktails of stimulants.

We then reveal psychotronic mind control devices and the last ditch attempts to save the crumbling Soviet Union with mass broadcast hypnosis.


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Norman Ohler

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  • RenaissanceLady

    Aaron, it’s a little off topic, but I have a Great Pyrenees (aka, Pyrenees Mountain Dog) that also sufferers from extreme anxiety. While it usually takes a triggering event, such as a loud noise, to trigger the anxiety, it had reached the point where he was constantly cycling into these panic attacks, made worse because of his giant size. One episode was so bad that I ended up having to to the ER because he knocked me into a door frame, causing a bone fracture in my left hand.

    The vet had originally put him on Fluoxetine (generic Valium often used for doggies), but this did little to help. The vet was going to also prescribe Xanax, but warned that it might not help enough yet still lead to doggy addiction. Fortunately, about a year ago, Sileo became available here in the U.S. to treat noise aversion in dogs. It’s a little difficult to administer, but it’s made the difference between night and day with him. It’s safe and entirely non-sedating, working so well that our vet is now using it on her dogs. While it’s still only being prescribed for dogs with noise-aversion, I have unofficially heard that it might be tested for dogs with other forms of anxiety

    Anyway, I just paused the program to type this, just in case it helps you or anyone. I’m loving the program, so far. Thanks.

    Also, Dylan Doggy says “Hi!” (That’s him sitting on that other dog, taken last summer… They really are buddies.)