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15.17 – MU Plus+ Podcast

We continue to the follow the lead from last week and investigate the research of people who claim to visit strange “lecture halls” when they dream.

We follow a psychiatrist’s discovery that some elite individuals, including doctors, stock traders, and CEOs, seem to attribute their success to extra sensory abilities.

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  • Japes

    Not only do children need to bond with someone to develop properly, there has to be some sort of bond in the early stages of life or the child will actually die. In some overseas orphanages, infants are wrapped tightly in blankets to simulate being held because the staff is too overworked to spend the amount of time needed with each individual. Even then, Reactive Attachment Disorder can be real problem. Characterized as “the condition in which individuals have difficulty
    forming lasting relationships. They often show nearly a complete lack of
    ability to be genuinely affectionate with others. They typically fail
    to develop a conscience and do not learn to trust.”

    Terrifying to think that we might be dealing with an entire generation of people like this. I’m going to go live with Bigfoot.

  • Peter Modisc

    Why do cats sleep 12 hours a day ? 😉

  • Markus

    When I was a young child, I learned that I could find things that were missing by stopping, quieting myself, and ‘praying’ to God to show it to me. If I focused on a particular part of my head and got quieted enough, I would suddenly have the location pop into my head and then I could go to it and get it.

    I thought this was God telling me where it was because I was raised in a Christian home and was given a very simplistic worldview. It wasn’t until I got older that I started expanding my notions of these things and realized it was probably something more complex than God taking time to show me where the TV remote was, lol.

    Unfortunately, I never developed the ability much as a child because my parents screamed all day every day and I couldn’t get the kind of peace and quiet needed to relax and quiet my mind into the right state. But it’s still something I possess to this day, and I’ve been working on developing it and understanding it better.

    I’ve learned that focusing on this part of my mind strenuously enough can also impart facts about the future, but that takes a lot more effort and I’m not sure why or how it happens. Sometimes though, I just direct my attention to that part of my head when someone is talking to me and ideas and understanding appear in my mind within seconds or minutes and I’m usually right in my responses to them.

    This has resulted in people labelling me as really smart, but I’m not, I just figured out how to do this ‘thing’ that makes information pop up in my brain.

    The parts of my head are on the top in the middle. Imagine drawing a line from one ear canal across the top of the head to the other. The middle of that line on the top of the head is where to focus. Also, draw two lines up, one from each pupil to the line across the head. The two points where the two lines touch the horizontal line are another area to focus on, but you have to get them in sync, otherwise it doesn’t work. It takes practice, but you know where you’re doing it right because those spots will feel kind of buzzy and like there’s pressure there