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17.17 – MU Podcast


This week we look at the latest collection of Whistleblower testimony from Steven Greer and unpack the complicated web of Special Access Programs and Black Ops money manipulation.

We then tell the tale of a man kidnapped in the Amazon jungle by a tribe of Shaman who train him to become a nature communing Witch Doctor.


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  • Janet Winslow

    A particularly interesting programme guys, thanks. But what I want to know is if all this money is disappearing into these Special Access Programs (SAPs), what the hell are theses devices, buried facilities, etc. for? Not just ferrying about arms and drugs surely? That just helps fund the program. They’re clearly not used to win terrestrial wars or they’d surely be over in minutes!

    I’d really like to explore the purpose of these SAPs. Now that would be fascinating…

  • Phil Small

    Don’t worry about the hate mail, guys! Love the show, and love your easy-going approach to political correctness. Just keep being you, being real, talking about crazy sh!t… That’s all we want!