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abduction Archive


    11.15 – MU Podcast

    With the impending rapture initiated by the first ‘Blood Moon’ we prepare our souls by talking about how lucky we are to have such juicy doom porn to discuss. Space news and Google’s space elevator plans are also featured, along with a new documentary on psychedelics in…


    11.14 – MU Podcast

    ‘Lights’ on the Martian surface, mass hysteria, and DNA nanobots are all in the opening mix for this episode. We then revisit the latest remote viewing news with the field’s new Japanese prodigy. In our extension we examine the evolving arena of UFO abduction research and the…


    11.13 – MU Podcast

    Remote viewing is making headlines this week with bold claims from Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute on the true builders of the Giza Pyramid, ET interference with humankind, and how to sell more DVDs. We also feature a bizarre personality switch experience and gigantuous serpent encounters in…


    11.10 – MU Podcast

    Author and consciousness researcher Anthony Peake joins us this week for a wide ranging discussion on the nature of reality, the daemon, life after death and his own unique experiences. We also feature the mysterious ‘Gateway Stone’, our worldwide addiction to Caffeine, and we discover exactly who…


    11.09 – MU Podcast

    After ancient viruses and precognition research in the opening segment we turn our attention to a new alien abduction journal and case studies of strange disappearances and missing time. Strange lights observed alongside Sasquatch sightings are featured in Plus+ along with alien big cats and more strange…


    9.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    Super Siberian megaliths and Japanese wearable computing make perfect fodder for our opening segment before we move onto the latest Yowie eyewitness videos. We then feature an accomplished musician’s decision to present her lifetime of strange alien encounters to the world, which along the way also included…

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    11.07 – MU Podcast

    Cross dressing Chinese super spies distract us on this episode as Loki and the Norse gods prepare for Saturday’s ‘Viking Apocalypse’. We also feature time travelling ultraterrestrials, twin souls vs multiple personality disorders, and tales of extreme amnesia. This episode is proudly sponsored by Squarespace. Use the…


    10.23 – MU Podcast

    The dark traditions of Christmas, along with its Roman origins, are discussed this week with debauchery, drunken revelry and the return of Krampus. We also explore strange tales from Pennsylvania, deadly super volcanoes and the Hair Care industry’s secret plan to control the world. Show Sponsors Use…


    8.21 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    With news of Amazon’s new drone delivery service and Japan’s plans to power the earth from power stations on the moon, we discuss our future technological wonderland earth all paid for in bitcoins. We also cover a new abductee coming forward with lifelong experiences with multiple entities…

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    Alien Abductions and the Missing Fetus Phenomenon

    One of the most disturbing aspects of the alien abduction phenomenon is the multitude of pregnant women who report having their fetus taken from them during an abduction event. These intrusive incidents are occurring on a much grander scale than most of the general public realize because…

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    10.06 – MU Podcast

    We dish up a serious dosage of Doom Porn on this episode with Sol’s pole shift, deadly meteor clusters heading for Earth, and giant Fatbergs ready to take over a sewer near you. Also featured are Alien hybrids giving some questionable career opportunities and abductions from Outback…


    8.04 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    After licking our lips in anticipation over the promise of delicious lab grown Five Guys we venture into the Amazon with tales of hallucinogenic catnip. The Ayahuasca discussion naturally takes us to tales of LSD fuelled telepathy and mushroom journeys before we close on tales from the Canock Chase…

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