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abduction Archive


    10.17 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    A lengthy discussion on the rights of robots and empathy for artificial intelligence precedes an oily adventure into the history of personal hygiene. After we finish changing our linens we investigate the constant presence of the UFO phenomenon in history and its hidden influence on humankind. This…

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    12.05 – MU Podcast

    In this episode we discover how happiness can be measured by how Danish you are, why pop music is a psychological trick, and why future babies will be grown in giant ectogenesis tanks. We then look at the new hypothesis for the famous Westall 1966 UFO incident in…


    12.04 – MU Podcast

    Australian Ufologist Damien Nott joins us in the studio this week to share his incredible UFO footage and his new Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming documentary project ‘Haunted Skies‘. In 2012, after relocating to his Grandparent’s home in a small Australian town, Damien found himself at the centre…

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    Do Indian Cave Paintings Show Prehistoric Alien Abductions?

    It’s a story made for a Bollywood sci-fi musical starring Will Smith as an dancing alien fighter. An archeologist in India claims that 10,000-year-old cave paintings are depictions of UFO landings, alien visits and possible prehistoric alien abductions and has asked NASA and ISRO (Indian Space Research…


    12.01 – MU Podcast

    Nick Redfern joins us on our season opener for an investigation into the strange deaths, mysterious murders, and bizarre disappearances connected with the UFO phenomenon. We also include the latest on Bryan Sykes’ DNA analysis of ‘Yeti’ samples, we discover how extreme fear can unlock human potential, and more…


    9.24 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    On our final episode for the first Plus+ season of 2014 we discuss the mysterious hum driving people mad across the world, mass hysteria in Japan, and getting high on UV. The new documentary on the woman who claims to have been raised by Columbian monkeys is…

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    11.19 – MU Podcast

    Our recent visit to Australia’s Paracon 2014 conference gave as plenty to discuss on this episode with the speakers delivering talks ranging from cryptozoology and military abductions, to time travel and poltergeist activity. We cover Day 1 of the conference in the free show and then wrap…


    9.18 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    China’s Roswell and Austrian Bearded ladies are the perfect combo to start the wild rid that is this Monday’s Plus+ episode. Our main feature is Mike Oram’s many claimed encounters with ETs throughout his life which includes escapades in underground bases, ethereal animals, and ultra-rare alien collector cards….

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    Cattle Mutilations: The Definitive Book

    Back in October 2013, I penned an article here on a lecture that author Christopher O’Brien gave at the Paradigm Symposium in that very same month. Chris’ talk was on his then-forthcoming book, Stalking the Herd: Unraveling the Cattle Mutilation Mystery. Well, I’m very pleased to say that Chris’ new book…


    11.15 – MU Podcast

    With the impending rapture initiated by the first ‘Blood Moon’ we prepare our souls by talking about how lucky we are to have such juicy doom porn to discuss. Space news and Google’s space elevator plans are also featured, along with a new documentary on psychedelics in…


    11.14 – MU Podcast

    ‘Lights’ on the Martian surface, mass hysteria, and DNA nanobots are all in the opening mix for this episode. We then revisit the latest remote viewing news with the field’s new Japanese prodigy. In our extension we examine the evolving arena of UFO abduction research and the…


    11.13 – MU Podcast

    Remote viewing is making headlines this week with bold claims from Courtney Brown and the Farsight Institute on the true builders of the Giza Pyramid, ET interference with humankind, and how to sell more DVDs. We also feature a bizarre personality switch experience and gigantuous serpent encounters in…