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  • Robby Balona

    You guys rock….. I love your podcasts, very professional and full of information. Keep it up

  • Chefjas

    Concerning the experiment with nuetrinos; doesn’t quantum entanglement, or “spooky action at a distance” as big Al called it, prove that objects (at least information) can travel faster than light speed? Hence, the moniker.
    Black Eyed Peas? “Needed to be said”? DIMCLMAO. Driving in my car……
    Chef James

  • Sinnesloschen

    In the story about the guy walking in the woods at 3am, he says that “[he] did not notice any  eyes on the creature,” but also says that he “locked eyes with the creature.” Whaaat.

  • n0xc0mmnet

    I Think People Give Eisenstein To Much Credit. He Was Just A Man And His Theory CAN Be Wrong. Theories Have Been Proven Wrong Before. If These Two Italian Companies Are Getting Different Results Then One Of The Machines Could Be Calibrated Wrong. Its A Possibility. Lets Just Not Give to Much Credit To Eisenstein Here. Great Show By The Way. 

  • J M

    Dr. Dean Raden, in his book Entangled Minds, talks of an experiment where a random number generator was modified to make clicks on either a right or left channel. It was set up to run in absence of any observer. When given to people to listen, they were told to guess if there would be more clicks on the right or left channel. Not only did these people guess correctly, but the number of clicks was greater than the expected standard of deviation. Not to put words into the dear Doctor’s mouth, but it sounds like our expectations are the basis of reality. When energy (neutrinos) meet our expectations (neuro-electric energy at a much lower state), an imprint is made, the neutrino decelerates and matter / reality is formed. (Hence why OPERA and ICARUS are finding what they want to find.)

    Similar experiments were also run and discussed in Lynn McTaggert’s book The Intention Experiment. It came about due to her research in Zero Point energy.

    And to get the juices really flowing, Dr. Raden works with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, (former astronaut, moon walker, UFO disclosure provocateur, & Freemason) at the Institute for Noetic Sciences. If you guys do a show on Mitchell, find out why he felt compelled to smuggle a personal camera on his Apollo 14 mission, why he attempted to sell it and its contents, and why NASA sued him for its removal from public dissemination.