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Episode 720 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Hairy humanoids in Africa and Werewolf sightings in Texas get us warmed up for more strange entities encountered in one man’s OBE adventures. 

We also reveal a murderous ent from the UK and the pros and cons of Dolphin assisted birthing.

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  • Whoa whoa whoa!! Seaquest DSV was *the* shit, you guys! It was part of my evening fix of Sci-Fi when I was in High-School –along with Quantum Leap & Star Trek TNG.

    Aaah… good times.

    PS: If I have nightmares with the Korean fat man tonight, I’m gonna kick YOU TWO in the face on Paradigm Symposium!

  • Ry Don

    please kick them twice! that damn remixed song of Bens was like walking through the evil swamp for me! Listening to it had me cackling like a madman also 🙂 listening to someone say dibbuk box over and over might be safer. he unleashed a new horror upon the world!

  • J. Ross

    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have solved the Werewolf sighting in the beginning of the podcast.

  • Great show ..this is what makes you guys unique and sets you apart from other podcasts.
    I personally like when you find stories like this and explore them and the weirder the better.i have read many OoBE stories and the high strangeness to them is really what makes them interesting
    When you think at any moment of sleep we are un aware of this sea of macabre characters who are floating around our dimensional space it explains many strange dreams people have if we are being influenced by these entities.
    Thanks loved this show.

  • Ay Chihuahua!

  • Have you guys ever seen the picture of the dog faced bigfoot .
    He seems to be holding a white dog under his arm poor thing,the picture was meant to be a nature shot with the person lensing the shot being unaware of the animal.
    These dogman Sasquatch seem to have faces similar to wolves or k9s and are seen mainly in the Midwest to the east coast Wisconsin has many reports but this picture that I will post the link to seems to be the best picture to date of these weird hybrids.

    Here is the real dogman werewolf that was photographed in Quebec very creepy bugger.
    I’m sure you guys have seen this before but it still gives me the Willeys.