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8.24 – MU Plus+ Podcast

The team gets together for one last show for 2013 and a special wrap up for our Plus+ members. We cover our top stories for the year, our interview highlights, and what left smiles on our faces even after the mics were switched off.

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Aaron’s Top Stories List

Elliot’s Top Stories List

Ben’s Favourite Interviews



  • Pauljr88 .

    elliot: “I’ve got some stuff as well..”
    baron: “well lets just wrap it up..”

  • Saikido

    Great end to the season guys. In regards to Graham Hancock’s banned TED talk and the ‘non-scientific’ reason by TED to ban the video; one thing always bothered me about it. The TED defence was that it was too subjective and experiential, but I remember watching this (
    on TED and it is totally subjective and the speakers experience.
    Maybe a good argument that it was more than science that lead to the banned Hancock talk.

    My prediction for 2014- Prossian B lands at Chatswood, Sydney, Australia