MU Podcasts ISep 05, 2020

24.10 – MU Podcast – Jetpack Cover-Up

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Social media stunt or something more exotic? A mystery person was seen flying a jetpack in a busy LAX flightpath and the incident seems to be more than meets the eye. With weird ballon explanations and rumours of a coverup we take a look at the history of flying humanoids seen all over the world.

Then our Plus+ members are in for an outrageous ride as we hear the story of odd alien mummies, unusual "giant" fingers, and Erich von Däniken's brush with the Columbian narcos.


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Aaron Wright

Aaron Wright is one half of the Mysterious Universe team who brings expertise in the sciences. Ben and he formed 8th Kind Pty Ltd in 2008 to take MU to the next level.

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