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  • Lon Strickler

    Hey guys…I love the new layout and interaction.

  • Benjamin Grundy

    Thanks so much Lon :)

  • Rhys Jarvis

    Just logged in … and WOW !!! Looks Great :)

  • Benjamin Grundy

    No. Incorrect, and … No. This is a Plus+ episode and thus is only available for Plus+ members. If you click on the Podcasts link at the top of the site you will see the category for the free podcasts. Free subscribers get access to the current running season of Mysterious Universe.

    Thanks for the business lesson though 😉

  • Red Pill Junkie

    First we had Vagina Dentata, now here comes Vagina Venenata as the new subconscious fear for the insecure heterosexual male.

  • Andy Johnson

    Looking sharp guys! :)

  • Mysterygirl

    I see Zhejiang Talalay Latex Technic CO., Ltd is supplying you with photographs now. They must want you to move to Shanghai.

  • Lovell

    Thanks; There’s me thinking there hadn’t been any episodes this week.